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Web Deployment for Java Swing Clients
JNetStart 2.2
JNetStart facilitates launching Java Swing applications deployed on a remote server without installing or downloading the application component files. The technology narrows the gap between the web browser and Swing by making large client applications instantly available to the user and providing a web style experience in the startup process.

Key Facts
  • JNetStart is comprised of a server where Swing applications are deployed and a client stub that loads the application classes and resources on demand;
  • The application code is downloaded from the server and runs on the client computer;
  • An API is provided that allows the client to invoke Java objects deployed on the server over the same socket connection used for downloading the code. This feature limits the number of sockets opened for each client to one reducing initialization time and keeping the number of sockets opened on the server to minimum;
  • The application runs in a secure environment similar to Java Applets and unsigned applications in WebStart. A secure API is provided for developing applications that read and write local files and print documents under strict user control.
Iris Application Server 2.2
Iris is a complete solution for developing Java client/server applications. The technology provides a binary communication protocol that facilitates the invocation of objects deployed on the server or client, integrated application security through access control lists and communication security based on public key infrastructure and Java standards cryptography.

Key Facts
  • Iris implements client/server communication through remote procedure call; the method invoked and parameters are serialized and deserialized by client side proxies and server skeletons generated automatically at server startup;
  • Synchronous, asynchronous and client callback invocations are performed over the same socket connection;
  • The server memory footprint is minimal (<15Mb);
  • The server uses Java NIO selectors to process connection events and a fixed number of worker threads to service client requests;
  • The application developer defines application roles and asigns roles to server users; privileges verification is performed by the server on every remote invocation using only a few CPU cycles;
  • Communication security is enabled installing a CA certificate on the server.
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